NU VISION High School

NU VISION High School

Welcome to NU VISION High School,

Where faith and learning meets

Main Information

  • Type: Secondary School
  • Options: O' Level, PCM, MPC, PCB, MEG, HEG, MPG, MCB, MCE, BCG, History Economics Literature
  • Location: Kigali, Gasabo, Rusororo
  • Gender: Boys and Girls
  • Status: Private School
  • National Exam Code: 0102075

School's Overview


Nu-Vision High School is a unique Christian Educational Community committed to fostering academic excellence, individuality, responsibility, respect, school spirit, and pride in one’s self, school and community


Nu-Vision High School will be a community of learning where the love of God is evident and where students will be prepared and equipped to serve God and society

Administration & Contacts

  • Head Teacher
    • Phone: +250788991848
    • e-mail:


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